Guisguis National High School as an educational institution, strives to ensure that its learners are provided with equal and equitable opportunities to take full advantage of their education.
This part reflects the accomplishments of this school for the past four (4) years in terms of achieving access.

The figure shows that Guisguis National High School enrollment has constantly increased in the last four years. However, this year, enrollment has decreased by 8% from the previous year. According to data, many students from private schools enrolled in public schools during the pandemic period of the school year 2020-2021 because they pay the same tuition for a modular session as they would for a face-to-face lesson. Hence they opt to seek public modular distance education. The students who enrolled back in private schools are the abrupt drop in enrollment for the SY 2022-2023.
It can be gleaned from the above figure that Grade 10 enrollment data is unavailable for the school year 2018-2019. This is because it was the third year of STE’s implementation. The data show that only the first 35 students who passed the exam were eligible to be included in the official list of students during grade 7 enrollment, which explains why the enrollment of STE students is nearly the same. They must have at least an 85 grade in English, Math and Science to be eligible to take the rest.
The figure reflected a 1% decrease in the promotion rate during the SY 2019-2020. In the succeeding years, Guisguis National High School maintained a 100% promotion rate. School year 2018-2019 received the highest promotion rate due to the increased number of transferees during that year.
The table shows the net enrollment rate of Guisguis National High School from the School Year 2018-2019. It can be seen that there was a significant decrease in the net enrollment rate during the SY 2019-2020. SY 2021-2022 recorded the highest net enrollment rate in the last four years with 100.51% rating. This can be attributed to the two different interventions conducted by the school to encourage school age children to go to school.
The table reflects the gross enrollment rate, this school, for the past four years. As shown in the above table, there was a significant decrease from 117.32% to 86.05% in SY 2019-2020. It happened to decrease in the SY 2020-2021 with a rating of 85.57% but finally increases in the SY 2021-2022.